What are the PC Specs to Work Online?

If you are planning or thinking of doing business online, there is no need to buy a very expensive PC as long as you can have the one that is very much acceptable for your needs. I better internet connection and a minimum of atleast 3 to 4 GB of Ram with 100 and above hardisk memory is more than enough to start your online work or business.

How expensive is the Latest and Most Powerful PC today

In this moment, the most powerful and Expensive PC create is worth $20,000.00 (USD) .With an amazing set up of GTX Titan Black Quad sli, build it or buy it completely in one set, this will be on top for a while until new improvements will be considered.

Best Blogs that Provides PC Reviews

Before thinking of buying new set of PC or Laptop, you should first consider major factors in terms of buying, from your budget, to the specs needed, how are you planning to use, and possible future additional use. The Higher the specs, the better, but always prepare for additional cash. We are here to provide best and “real blogs” that provides objective reviews.